Aerospace IT
November 1-2, 2021 — Miami, FL
Advanced Air Mobility(AAM)
November 3-4, 2021 — Miami, FL

Innovation Showcase


Join in as companies seize their 10 minutes of fame by pitching products, demonstrating an innovative solution or engaging attendees visionary ideas. Hear new ideas and gather invaluable information. 


IT Participants

Ambry Hill Technologies

Ambry Hill Technologies is a state-of-the-art software company specializing in cloud-based and mobile business management applications that are tailor made for parts traders and MRO operations. Led by aviation industry experts whose aim is to improve your operational efficiency and strengthen your competitive edge, Ambry Hill delivers affordable, common-sense cloud-based software solutions that alleviate your real-world operational challenges that no other software company has been willing or able to address. As the only SaaS company with real-world aviation industry experience, coupled with OEM technology experience, Ambry Hill’s software solutions are well informed and thoughtfully designed.

www. ambryhill.com/products


What happens when aviation industry veterans, dissatisfied with the legacy software currently available, team up to create the ultimate ERP platform for the aviation aftermarket? AvSight happens. AvSight combines robust functionality, time saving integrations, and superior digital security into one easy-to-use cloud-based platform. Schedule a demo to see why so many companies are making the switch to AvSight. 


AAM Participants

Levanta Tech LLC

Levanta is developing ground-effect aircraft utilizing its unique Hoverfoils™ - hover capable airfoils. The aircraft can take off and land on any terrain. The speed and range are comparable to fixed-wing aircraft. The Hoverfoils™ provide improved aircraft maneuverability over other ground-effect aircraft. Levanta's technology opens new markets, including cost-effective drone delivery and ship-to-shore transport.  

LuftCar LLC

LuftCar is developing a hydrogen powered, modular, autonomous Air and Road Mobility (AARM) vehicle with Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) capability - a TRUE FLYING CAR.  LuftCars provide uninterrupted air and road mobility. The vehicle will have a flight distance of 300 miles, and 150 miles road travel, 3000 - 5000 ft flying altitude and 220 mph. max speed in air.LuftCar is based out of Orlando Florida and was founded in March 2021.



MACA is a French/US startup born in 2018 in AIRBUS. We are developing a FLYING Formula 1 car- CARCOPTER® powered by a sustainable Hydrogen fuel cell. Our ambition is to make a personal flying vehicle accessible to anyone. To achieve this, MACA intends to take advantage of a less regulated racing environment to propose a new Flying Formula1 concept, creating a spectacular show to boost aerial mobility technology and push social acceptance of flying cars.